Costa Rica – Newly created online marketing company held its first share holder meeting on January 15, 2009 and elected a new board of director to replace the interim board of director. The share holder election took place online using, a website for internet conferencing.

The results of the election met the expectations of most share holders, starting with the election of Frederick Saint-Jacques as the new president of BlindMonkeyMedia. The other results were as follows:

Vice President – Lindsay White

Secretary – Joey Belarmino

Treasurer – Marius Lardizabal

Fiscal – Robert Nimylowycz

Chairman – Enrique Sulabr

Bob Evans, one of the share holders, was quoted as saying, “I am happy with the results.  Especially with the election of Mr. Saint-Jacques as the President, since he has over ten years of experience in the marketing field and has stupendous leadership and management skills”.

One surprise result was the election of Enrique Sulat as the Chairman.  Mr. Sulat also heads the graphics department for BlindMonkeyMedia, and now takes on double duties managing both responsibilities.

BlindMonkeyMedia, whose website recently did a soft launch on the internet, offers basic online marketing services with an added touch of unique services laid out by the newly elected board of director.  One of these being the offering of SEO services by keyword with an actual price listing, something that has never been seen on top SEO company websites.

Mr. Saint-Jacques has already started implementing new marketing strategies, like offering free SEO services for one keyword to companies and creating services that one would not expect from traditional marketing companies.

“Our strategy for this upcoming year will be to expand our services in non-marketing areas, like our newly developed sports betting software and XML odds feeds.” said Mr. Saint-Jacques. “We will also have many more surprises in the near future, like our “MaS Program”, which is one of our most guarded company secrets and will be made public at the end of July.”


BlindMonkeyMedia is a marketing company that offers online marketing, website design, programming and SEO Services, as well as free marketing content and sports betting software.  BlindMonkeyMedia is a registered private corporation out of San Jose, Costa Rica with offices around the world and backed by over 30 years of combined experience in the online marketing, SEO consulting, programming, website and graphic design industry. Visit or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more information.

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