Cost Effective Marketing and SEO

Acquiring clients for a website does not have to involve expensive advertisement methods and can be cost effective. In fact, consumers are no longer attracted to traditional online advertisement methods like banners, splash pages and such. Therefore, consumers have actually become disassociated from these and tend to ignore them. TheContinue Reading

How Marketers Should Prepare for Potential TikTok Ban

Trends in the marketing industry change so fast that marketers need to be agile with their strategies. Knowing the pulse and seeing if trends are worthwhile before jumping on the bandwagon is vital. At present, TikTok is the most prominent marketing trend. However, the platform’s future seems jeopardized due toContinue Reading

YouTube Expands Testing on Anti-Ad Blockers

YouTube, one of the largest platforms for video content, is rolling out more testing in anti-ad blockers. Because of this, more and more users are uninstalling ad blockers on their devices. This is great news for those who advertise and promote their businesses, like their mobile ready sportsbook. The wayContinue Reading

How to Build a Sportsbook Brand

When you open a sportsbook, its important to dedicate time, money, and effort in marketing. It will help you increase your player base, and therefore your potential for a higher income. One of the first things to do, marketing-wise, is to build a sportsbook brand. This will be your identityContinue Reading