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Cost Effective Marketing and SEO Acquiring clients for a website does not have to involve expensive advertisement methods and can be cost effective.

In fact, consumers are no longer attracted to traditional online advertisement methods like banners, splash pages and such.

Consumers have actually become disassociated from these and in general tend to ignore them.

The new way to effectively market a product is thru SEO and soft advertising that is done by word of mouth, articles and data.

In 2007, Google who receives 58.8% of all search on the internet, was receiving 1,200 million searches a day and over 24,000 of these daily searches were sports betting related. In short, they are thousands of potential sports betting clients that rely on search engines to meet their sports betting needs and the website that ranks the best for these sports betting related keywords will get the business.

People love to socialize which is why social networks like and have become extremely popular and are a great source of revenue considering that about 200 million people are part of an online social network.

Our cost effective marketing plan focus mainly on acquiring clients thru SEO and social networks based on the type of product or services you offer.

Some of our Cost Effective Marketing Campaigns

  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Article Writing Marketing Campaigns
  • Viral Marketing
  • Email Campaigns

To get more information about our cost effective marketing and SEO campaigns, please send us a request by filling out our request form:

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Best Ways to Make Money Online Part 1 – The Best Affiliate Programs

Best Ways to Make Money Online Part 1 – The Best Affiliate ProgramsWhen we first started our company,, we were a small online marketing company with a very small budget.  It was not always feasible to get a steady source of revenue which became a source of stress at the end of each month when it came time to pay our staff and basically all of our monthly expenses.

Today, we no longer have that problem but we wanted to share how we were able to come up with alternative methods for the company to earn income that did not rely on acquiring and retaining clients.  The next few articles will go into details about how we achieved financial stability which today has turned into a very profitable income generating apart from our normal Website Design services and our marketing services.

Joining several affiliate programs

Since our staff was made up of various website designers, programmers, SEO and Social Media Experts(check out this press release so you can see how good we are at Social Media Marketing). We knew that we had the resources to create specific traffic to any websites we wanted.

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