Low Cost Online Marketing Strategies for Start Up Companies Part 2

In Part 2 of Low Cost Online Marketing Strategies for Start-Up Companies, we will go over marketing strategies that deal more with Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

Even though the following online marketing strategies do not provide a lot of traffic in the short term; they will help a website gain higher SEO ranking by providing back links and quality On-Site content.

The Most Effective Low Cost Online Marketing Strategies

Low Cost Online Marketing Strategies for Start Up Companies Part 2SEO – Think long term…  If you start optimizing your website for search engines today in 3 to 6 months you could receive thousands of weekly visitors.

Press Releases – Consumers and clients want to know that you are a safe bet.  What better way to do that then by showing them that your website is newsworthy.  Once again, it’s all about content.

Here is a free hint to get your press release picked up by the AP wire.  Constantly go thru news site and find some news that is currently a hot topic.  If you can tie that news with your company you got yourself a winner!

Articles – Well written articles will not just get you visitors and turn your website into an expert in its field.  It will also help your website’s SEO.  Simply write one article that relates to your website services per week and submit it to websites that take article submissions.  If the article is good, your traffic will increase.

Newsletter – A newsletter is an important part of marketing because it keeps your visitors and consumers aware of any new promotions or events done by your company.  Newsletter can be forwarded to friends and if you keep your old newsletter on your website, you also increase the size of your website which turns into an SEO bonus.

First thing is to make a catchy and attractive newsletter.  Afterwards, you just need to get yourself a mailing list which is done by having an email capture box on your website.

Viral Videos – A viral video is basically a video clip that gains widespread popularity through the process of internet sharing, typically through emails, instant messaging, blogs and other media sharing sites.  Most companies think that it is expensive to make a viral video.

Wrong…  They are tens of thousand of amateur video makers on the internet.  Most of these videos never make any money but would love to find someone to help them make money for those videos.

Find these video makers by going to your favorite video sharing website and find some videos that could relate to your website and product.  Once found, contact the maker of these videos and make a deal with them to somehow include your company website in the next video.

Payment can simply be in the form of a CPA deal for every account, inquiry or sale they bring to your website.

We hope that you enjoy this second part of “Low Cost Marketing Strategies” as much as we enjoyed writing it.

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