Create a SEO Keyword Friendly Page on the First Attempt

A number of friends have been telling me over the last few weeks their frustrations about creating SEO keyword friendly pages for the websites. Their complaint is that it takes too much time to edit it correctly in order to achieve high search engine rankings. First, they create the page, add the content, and then have to re-edit their pages a number of times to achieve the best SEO keyword ranking results.

Their problem is that they don’t have a plan of attack. Creating a new page on a website should be mapped out well in advance. The first step is to complete the meta tags for the title, description and keywords.

Content of the Article

Next, write the content with a heavy emphasis on including the SEO keywords at least twice. This is where most page authors have difficulty. When you write your content already knowing what keywords you are going to use, it is much easier than examining your content and then picking and finding keywords to fit. Even worse is remembering what SEO keywords you had wanted to have used, and then trying to find ways to fit them in to what you have already submitted in your content.

Of course, after you have finished writing your content, you are obviously more than free to update your meta tag keywords to include any you may have left our or thought would be too difficult to include.

By using this strategy, you should be able to have a SEO keyword rich page, leading to high search engine ranking results, on the first attempt. It is a bit time consuming, but with no need for edits and changes, it saves much more time over the long run.

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