SEO Keywords: When In Doubt, Build a Page!

Frequent users of search engines understand the frustration of finding a site that is unrelated to your search requirements. It only takes a few seconds to leave the page and continue your search. From a website owner’s perspective, it is vital to give your clients and visitors what they are looking for.

For this reason, having pages for specific content is extremely important. Try to avoid combining unrelated SEO keywords on the same page. Instead, create separate pages for each group of keywords. This will lead to your visitors finding the page that they were searching for all along.

For example, if you own a Poker Website, it wouldn’t make sense to use “poker tournaments” and “poker accessories” as your SEO keywords for the same page. Visitors searching for poker tournaments will be disappointed if they click on your website only to find a list of accessories for sale.

Create a Page for each Keyword or Group of Keywords

Instead, create a page for each keyword. Building more pages and extra content not only allows your customers and website visitors to find exactly what they are searching for, but it also provides more data for the search engine spiders to crawl through, and possibly increase your SEO keyword rankings.
Remember, the goal of the website owner is not only to bring unique visitors to the website, but also to keep them there.

When in doubt if keywords should be sharing the same page, it’s a good rule of thumb to build separate pages. Although it may be time consuming, your work will result in higher page views, satisfied customers, and maybe even better SEO Keyword rankings!

Robert Nimylowycz has over eight years of experience in Online Marketing and SEO Website Analysis. He has provided keyword-enriched content for many websites, and proudly joined the BlindMonkeyMedia team in January, 2009. You can contact him at