YouTube Expands Testing on Anti-Ad Blockers

YouTube, one of the largest platforms for video content, is rolling out more testing in anti-ad blockers. Because of this, more and more users are uninstalling ad blockers on their devices. This is great news for those who advertise and promote their businesses, like their mobile ready sportsbook.

The way the new measure works, is that YouTube will not allow people to watch videos if they use tools to block ads in their site or app. Users will see a message popping up, asking them to disable ad blockers, or whitelist their site.

For advertisers, this means access to a larger customer base, now that ad blockers are now becoming less frequent. The challenge now, is to capitalize on this, and still maintain a positive reaction from viewers.

YouTube Leading the Way for Ad Blockers to Leave

YouTube Expands Testing on Anti-Ad BlockersNow, it will give more people the chance to match their ads with the content that viewers see, to encourage interest from the public, and not be viewed as spam. So if you are looking at videos on sports betting on the site, then ads for popular sportsbooks may come out. Given how popular sports betting is, providers like are reporting a surge in bookie registration. And if these bookies can promote their sites with more visibility, then it will be more profitable for them.

If more and more sites will choose to use this, then it gives businesses a wider platform to exposure, increase brand awareness, and encourage registration. Advertisers will now have more concerns, like creating engaging content, and using technology to track and measure their advertising efforts to see the efficacy of their ad campaigns.

When it comes to advertising, say, website design services, quality trumps quality in terms of ads and content that aims to increase engagement. For instance, an ad that is just a few seconds long, but well-created and informative, will have a much bigger impact that a 30 second video that is likely to irritate viewers and cause them to leave and cease watching the ad.

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