Costa Rica Marketing - Why use Classified Ads Websites in Costa Rica

As the people of are Costa Rica are becoming more savvy on the internet with 20% of its population connected to the internet, Costa Rica classified ads websites are on the rise and some of them are actually making money.

Costa Rica Marketing - Why use Classified Ads Websites in Costa RicaFrom a marketing point of view, classified ads websites are still a powerful tool because many people still frequent these websites on a regular basis.

Still not convinced that it’s not a powerful tool? Then let’s take a look at the Craigslist English version in Costa Rica which gets on average about 45,000 visitors a month according to

The nice thing about most classified ads websites in Costa Rica is that the majority of them are free so that even if one of these sites do not get a lot of traffic, you can still get a back link from it.

List of the Best Classified Ads Websites in Costa Rica

Here is a list of free classified ads websites that cater to Costa Rica in case you decide to use them to benefit your company:

Craigslist Costa Rica – The king of classified ads, this one is a must if you want to sell or buy something in Costa Rica. If you are an SEO expert, forget about using them for SEO purposes as they are nofollow links.

Costa Rica Classified Ads – This is a newer classified ads website which is part of a real estate website in Costa Rica. I am actually mentioning this one because of its ease to use and that they give you a back link that is SEO friendly.

TicoTimes Classifieds – Part of the TicoTimes newspaper family, this classified ads website doubles up as a Costa Rica Directory website, is easy to use and the ads are approved rapidly.

Anuncios.CR – This one is a classified ads website that is part of the Anuncios family. It offers its content in several languages and pretty much has a classified ads website for all major countries in the world. The only drawback is that this website can be slow to load at times because of its size.

Encuentra24 – This is a monster of classified ads in Latin America that ranks at the top of the list.

Using the list above, can give you some traffic and help your website popularity at no cost to you except time so take advantage of what the internet can give you and start advertising for free today in Costa Rica.

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