A Wedding Photographer Nightmare – Wedding Trends


Houston, TX – Now that the summer wedding season is almost at an end, the spending cost of a wedding has been released which shows a few disquieting figures for a wedding photographer.

Even with the current global economy, the wedding industry is doing well considering that the average cost of wedding has increased by 21.9% from $19,581.00 in 2009 to $23, 867.00 in 2010 according to TheWeddingReport.com who created this study from popular wedding sites like PerfectWeddingGuide.com.

The displacement of funds in the wedding budget however, has changed where a wedding photographer is no longer a priority. The biggest budget increase in a wedding comes from the increase purchase in gifts for the whole wedding party which includes higher spending for the engagement ring.

Marius Lardizabal a local wedding photographer in Houstin, TX (www.kayumangi.com) states when asked about theses trends, “Today, every friend of the bride and groom with a fancy digital camera thinks they are a professional photographer and offer their services as a photographer. Unfortunately, the bride and groom end up spending more money in the end as they have to pay a professional to edit the wedding pictures.”

Professional wedding photographers all over the country are hoping that this trend will change and the smaller wedding photographers have had to branch out their photography services in order to survive.


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